KUALA LUMPUR CITY CENTRE ( KLCC) : According to some of the BigBlue Taxi drivers, it has been stated that their incomes are less and requested the company to show some improvement in their income. However the CEO of the BigBlue Taxi – Dato’ Shamsubahrin Ismail – claims that those taxi drivers who complain are too ‘choosy’ when it comes to accepting the request of the passengers.

Based on Dato’s point of view, there are about 10,000 drivers under Big Blue Taxi, including e-hailing. ” Other E-Hailing services deducts 20 – 25% from the drivers’ commission whereby my company doesn’t, “stated Dato Shah. Only 10% of the commission will be deducted, which is the standard service charges. By this he also mentioned that we could help the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) , entrepreneurs to bring up their business, which has been badly affected by the pandemic COVID – 19.

” We get about 400 – 500 bookings per day through our Big Blue Taxi app, but most of those bookings had been rejected neither no response nor don’t the drivers keep their app on “ON” mode”. “The biggest reason for the less income is that drivers who are still “choosy” on accepting the bookings according to the range, kilometres” said Dato Shah.

Dato Shah articulated that the solution to overcome these problems is that, It’s a must for all taxi drivers to pay for their EVP (Electric vehicle permit) using their own money, whereby, in Big Blue Taxi, we help to pay for our drivers with the rules that have been made by the company such as, drivers should keep the app on “ON” mode for a specific period which will be decided by the company.

If they fail to listen to the company’s rules and regulations, Big Blue Berhad would not bear the cost of EVP.

Dato Shah shared that drivers who reject the requests will be notified to the company through their app. If it’s more than 3 cancellations by the drivers, automatically, the company will be taking action on that particular driver .

“We don’t only concentrate on our customers, but we also do give importance to our drivers, “Concluded Dato Shah.

By, Humah Parameswaran


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