“I’m so depressed! I feel so stressed up!  what am I going to do after this ? how am I suppose to run my family after this?”. Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs, sources of income, or been furloughed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and I was one of them too . Previously I was a flight attendant , with Malaysia Airlines and just recently got laid off due to expiration of contract. It was my original plan to resign at the end of my contract ,  since I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot . However, everything went totally upside down when Covid-19 was all over the whole world. It was a very depressing moment to me as I lost my job too and at the same time couldn’t pursue my dream . I use to cry a lot , sitting in the room looking at my old pics and thinking about my life and future . Mentally I wasn’t stable and that was the time my dad actually came across one of his facebook friend who happened to be our far relation posted regarding job vacancy . First, I didn’t wanted to even know what is it about as I wasn’t interested in doing anything and had a feeling of totally giving up . My parents were too worried seeing me in stress so much and asked me to do something useful or at least something that can help to relax my mind . That’s when they forced me to go for the job interview which was held by Ms.Udaiyah Priya, known as Luna

As an air stewardess at Malaysia Airlines.

I made up my mind and decided to go for at least my parent’s sake . I went and met her and as usual I introduced myself and I explained my previous working experience . Then she took her turn to explain what’s the job actually is about , what are we doing and so on . It was a part time job. I took up the Job offered. I want to try it out. She interviewed me on last week Friday and asked me to join on Monday if I am ready . On Monday , I dressed up well , made sure that I’m confident enough to get through my 1st day without any problems and almost after 45 mins drive, reached my new office . I met Luna and then she introduced me to her team members and the office staffs.

I thought that was my office and I’ll be working there but she brought me to another office room , and the first person I met was Ayu , she looked damn beautiful, introduced ourselves to each other then we entered the office . Later on , I introduced myself to my team members , Rafiq ( Digital Marketing ) , Adli ( Brand marketing ) and Fami (Graphic designers) , Miqa (Video campaign ) , Priya ( Head of Media Marketing Department) , Ayu ( Media Relations ) . I was assigned as Social Media Influencer , In charge of travelling and holidays department.

Luna explained to me, my role , which was finding merchant for the Big Blue Berhad , an upcoming company where they have a big platform for the merchants to promote and sell their products as now days many people prefers online shopping and dealings due to COVID-19 . I was given a task of searching for airlines and hotels that I can approach and promote our company to them so that they will be our merchant . We all were under the social media influencer team with different positions . Around 12pm , My Ist day of work I started learning the basic of marketing. I followed Ayu who was a former TV3 Reporter and interview the Big Blue Taxi drivers to know their opinion on how’s the company serving them and also how much Covid-19 has affected them on income wise. Different aged group drivers had different opinions .

Me and Priya on the first day reporting to work .

Around 3pm , we had a meeting with our executives which was Kak Long and Kak Aida . There were also another team known as the production team with few members in it and the head of the production team was Abang Zul . Many things been discussed in the meeting such as what are the main objectives of the company , who is in charge for what , what the company’s CEO Dato Shamsuhbarin Ismail wants and so on . At the end of meeting , our company’s big boss came in , and I introduced myself to him . He was a very joyful person as he was giving some general talks on what’s happening , how’s the project’s progress going on . The best part of the Super App Big Blue Pay campaign that the company is running. With the upcoming service, Big Blue PAY is a platform for both merchants and consumers can get everything we need through online such as groceries , beauty products , airlines tickets , hotels bookings and etc. That’s the project everyone is working so hard for . One part the department wss in-charge of the marketing that includes short videos, posters, pamphlets and so forth. Another part was uncharge of finding merchants and delivering the message to the consumers . I am happy to say I finished my first day successfully, and I’ve gained so much knowledgeable information ,and decided to give my best and full concentration on the project .

On the second day , I received a task to interview our own Big Blue Berhad’s Ceo , regarding his opinion on Malaysia’s economy due to this Covid-19 . He actually brought up a lot of important points to be highlighted by the government. I had a chance of writing an article based on our Ceo’s interview in English and Luna edited it and posted on the blog . I had even a chance of doing the tik tok video , with Fami and Ayu , and it was really fun. I was proud of myself seeing my article being posted on the company’s blog Big Blue Reads . Gained even more knowledge about the company as well as about our CEO .

By my third day of the week, i followed Miqa and Rafiq to meet one of our merchants , Drop & Wash to teach them on how to upload their business on our website. After having our lunch, I get a chance to meet another high profile merchant with Luna and Miqa. this time it was with the exclusive furniture company which was known as Dynamics Furniture who had a very big manufacturing factory not only in Malaysia but Indonesia as well. They owned many franchises locally and international . We signed them up on our website as the merchants after an hour of discussion plus we even got a chance to see the process of making of a furniture. We took some pictures with the owner of the company and even with some of their furniture that has been kept in showroom . Through this meeting , I got to know the style of conversation to the merchant and also how to promote our company to them as I’ll be handling the travelling and holiday department .

On the fourth day , Dato treated all his staffs for breakfast . Had a great breakfast at KLCC Suria, and then we started our day. I helped Luna to do the introduction of the Big Blue Read blog and I had a task about writing an article on about myself and how was my training period with this new company, which was this whole week.

Well today is my last day of training , and I went on my first mission to my ex company , Malaysia Airlines on approaching them to join us as a merchant . Many would think , why part time ? But , you never know , sometimes it might look boring but when you start doing it , you’ll explore many things than sitting at the same place and working looking at the same faces . I’m sure this (allhalal.com.my) would become famous and trending as Lazada and Shoppee . Furthermore it’s a friendly user app , where we can get everything that we want on just one click “BigBlue Pay“ which is soon to be launched . “Nothing will work unless you do”, as same as, rather than sitting at home and complaining you lose job , look for the opportunity , there are many out there .

By,Uma Ramesh


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