KUALA LUMPUR: Dato’ Shamsubahrin Ismail, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Big Blue Taxi has offered job to all the e-hailing drivers who has been suspended from Grab, due to the pandemic Covid-19. 

“E-hailing has been one of the largest industry among the South East Asia and soon it will be suspending about 360 drivers due to business loss during Covid-19 , which was announced about a week ago by Anthony Tan , the executive officer of Grab in Singapore “, informed Dato .

He has said that his company is offering all the e-hailing drivers to come and apply for the driver position to those who got suspended from Grab or even other companies as well. He also clarified that, it’s not a must for the drivers to have their own car but can even drive their rental cars. But once the drivers applied, there will be a background check of them and as well as qualification check. 

Dato has also mentioned that his drivers won’t be only driving to pick up and send the passengers, but also will be doing delivery service for their allhalal.com.my merchants to deliver the products customers have ordered. Soon they will be launching a super app called BigBlue Pay with lots of beneficial things in it such as, prepaid, postpaid, landline bill, laundries, groceries and so on while staying at home. 

He said, even if there’s no passenger requesting for e-hailing, the drivers will be still doing the delivery job for the orders through our website, hence their income will be there always. “ We’ve got the permit from the higher officials and we do still follow the standard operation procedure (SOP) such as we make sure our drivers sanitizes the car , providing face masks and sanitisers to our passengers and so on “. 

There were even questions raised such as how many cars are there for now and Dato has said that by next month, which is on phase 1, they’ll be using the Perodua Aruz and Proton X-70 for our services. “In this critical phase, it’s not easy to get the job you really want as many people are losing their jobs due to this Covid-19, so take this as a golden opportunity, and do give your applications to join in as our drivers “, said Dato. 

By,Humah Parmeswaren


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