Today, about 1 million private and public sector workers involved in management and supervision have started to work from home in the states that are affected by the conditional movement control order (CMCO) in order to curb the spread of the third wave of COVID-19 by reducing the number of workers in their premises. Most of us at Big Blue TV Sdn. Bhd. are also implicated under this ruling. Today, we have decided to have a look at how the News Department of Big Blue TV Sdn. Bhd. have set up their respective working nooks within their homes.

Some of us are so keen to get started that we don’t even leave the bed before opening our laptops:

Aleen, Broadcast Journalist

“Working on the bed because I don’t have a table”

Some of us have GORGEOUS views to look at while working:

Isz, Journalist

“It’s rare to get a view like this while working, only when working from home”

Loqman, Broadcast Journalist

“Seeing the sights”

Some of us expertly handle juggling domestic duties along with our professional duties:

Hanis, Producer

“Working from my kitchen to prevent my baby from chewing the laptop charger cable”

Syanty, Journalist

“My kid keeps asking me to do things for him while I’m working from home”

Some of us are probably going to come back to the office after CMCO ends with a few extra pounds:

Afiq, Broadcast Journalist

“It’s hard to work from home when you keep opening the fridge every 5 minutes”

And some of us CANNOT leave the office environment behind and simply NEED A DESK to work:

Dini, Broadcast Journalist

Asif, Broadcast Journalist

“Working from home and (I’m) still okay even though sometimes I stare at the walls because it is too quiet…”

Diyaa, Journalist

“I don’t care where I work, as long as I have my coffee and my music.”

So that is how our news department is bringing you the latest news from our homes. Which one’s your favourite?


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